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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Not a Bad mantra

Try this on for size from Sergio Zyman:

"The goal of marketing is to sell more stuff, to more people, more often."

When I think about that statement, I get goose bumps. Really, I do - because that is really where things really start to happen.

Today, I received four leads from prospects for one of our clients. The leads were generated through a very direct branding and communication process to CFO's that have never heard of our client before.

Yet, they are interested in learning more because of the benefit statements provided in this direct sales pitch and the manner in which the information is delivered to them.

Now, for us to meet our client's expectations, these leads need to turn into sales - his goal is to grow 400% in the next six months.

Ambitious - you bet.

Attainable - if we communicate our benefits clearly.

Stretch goal - why, heck yeah, but when we get there, we'll have done something pretty exciting: we will have sold more service, to more people, more often, for more money and our client will meet his goals.

I'd write more, but I need to go generate some leads.


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