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Friday, February 12, 2010

In support of my upcoming book release, I've been blogging over at Professional Studio 365. Emily Bennington and I are running a fast-paced, A-to-Z series on succeeding at work. It's called the 2010 Career Challenge. I invite you to follow this series. Here's an excerpt from today's post:

Integrity is the scarcest resource in the world of business today. Yes, you
read that correctly.

Integrity is so simple–yet we all tend to muck it up with excuses,
compromises, and blame-shifting. Pair me with a person of integrity,
and we’ll outperform a team of ten feckless, shifty folks every day of the

If you’re looking to ignite your career, build your integrity. Here’s
how to get started:

Get the rest of the story.

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Anonymous Promotional Products said...

Excited for the book release... I'm gonna go check out Pro Studio now.. All the best, what an exciting time!

8:34 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Promotional Products,

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment!


12:49 PM


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