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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Those OnStar radio ads are phenomenally good, aren't they?

Why? I love the realism and the drama. It resonates with me. All of the ads contain actual audio excerpts from OnStar callers. People are in trouble, in danger, of one form or another.

"I'm having a low blood sugar episode." (A diabetic)

"My mommy is hurt and she won't wake up." (A child)

"We've broken down ... and we're in the middle of nowhere." (A family)

"My check engine light just came on. What should I do? (A man)

"I've locked my keys in the car. My dog is in there ... and it's 95 degrees. Can you help me?" (An elderly woman)

GM, the provider of the OnStar service, has done a great job of creating real-life incidents that we can all relate to and understand. In short, they have engaged our emotions--beyond simply engaging our eyes and ears. They have engaged our hearts.

I do not own a vehicle that has OnStar, but I think it's a clever, useful and beneficial service. All other things equal: price, quality, features--I would choose the car that came equipped with OnStar.

Bravo to the marketing geniuses who created OnStar AND it's wonderful ad campaign.


Blogger Danny Hanrahan said...

Most of us would agree that the onStar radio spots are ingenius in their simplicity and effectiveness. Personally, though, I find them very difficult to listen to. I'm struggling with why. Maybe I find them too real; to intrusive. And, by now, after having listened to some of them, I get the point.

12:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

onstar is a double edged sword - great for accidents, but what about the Big Brother factor?

9:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about, "my jealous ex-husband has the passcode so he can tell where I am at all times", you need to be careful 'cause he knows where you live now.

4:37 PM


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