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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Growth of a Blog

As a frustrated, former engineer, the quantitative / analytical part of watching this blog's traffic growth has been amazing for me. What's amazing is how our traffic has grown in exponential bursts.

Here's a snapshot of how that has looked:

The first 10 months
15 to 30 vistors a day
very few comments
a handful of subscribers

Months 11 to 13
50 visitors a day
Occasional comments
About a dozen subscribers

* - part of the growth here was organic (i.e., we gave it time to work) and the other factor was that we figured out RSS feeds (FeedBurner, etc.)

Months 13 to 15
100 to 150 visitors per day
one or more comments per day
50+ subscribers

* - The nomination for Marketing Sherpa's Readers Choice Best Blog Awards (and subsequent Honorable Mention Award) was undoubtedly the driver of this most recent growth in traffic and readership. It's clear evidence of the power of publicity, positive PR and the Internet.

I would hope that part of our growth has been the result of a consistent, diligent commitment to providing useful, interesting & relevant marketing content.

For any new bloggers reading this and wishing for greater traffic, my advice is to be patient. Keep posting great content. Eventually, your traffic will take off. Keep the faith, fellow marketing genuises and burgeoning bloggers!


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