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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dragons and Water at AB

It was hot at Bush Gardens last week!

I'm talking carry-your-kids-on-your-shoulders-sweat-profusely hot.

So when we walked into Dragon land, it was a blessing.

Bush Gardens has created a small pool, with rubber rocks, that kids of all ages (ok, I got in the water, I said it was hot) can run around in and cool off.

It is themed as a dinosaur playland. Most of the rides in the area can be ridden by small children (like my nineteen month old) safely.

Dragon Egg Ferris Wheel, Dragon Mini-log Flume, Flying Dragons - glorious rides for the wee ones.

My children had a great time - oh, and don't forget the dragon show and the dragon tree house.

Here's where the immersion comes in.

We are feeling better after getting cooled off in the dragon fountain pool and then we go to get lunch.

Dragon cups, dragon lunch box for the kids' meal, dragon stuffed souvenirs - we were immersed in dragons and my kids loved it.

They have good memories, a dragon souvenier they are sleeping with and they got to cool off on a really hot day.


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