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Monday, March 29, 2004

Graco Hit a Marketing Home Run

When I woke up Sunday morning, I was not planning to purchase a new high chair. A combination of our new baby beginning to eat food that stains our light colored chairs and advertising that hit a hot button and off we went to Toy R Us for an unplanned (but needed) purchase.

Graco got the sale with the following: list the high chair found at the link above in Parade magazine as a Good Buy, have their retailer give me about $20 off the purchase price in this week's sales flyer.

BAM! We're sold.

Here's the kicker: while I was in the store I noticed that Graco has conveniently created strollers that are just the right size for my five year old daughter's dolls. If it isn't obvious to you, if she uses Graco now, what do you think she'll use when she's a grown up?

We didn't get the Graco Baby Doll Stroller, or the Little Dirt Devil sweeper, or the Barbie that has a MasterCard - just an FYI.


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