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Monday, March 15, 2010

Thanks Coach Huggins! (via Dave Pray)

Friend and fellow blogger Dave Pray articulated exactly what was on my mind following this weekend's huge victory at Madison Square Garden. The following post is from Dave Pray's blog:

What a remarkable game yesterday. WVU beats Georgetown and...for the first time in school history, won the Big East Basketball title. I loved the game and really the entire week. What impressed me the most about yesterday's performance was Coach Huggin's post win interview.

Coach's post game interview doesn't seem to be popping up at the moment on ESPN's website...but here is the jist of it. (1) Coach Huggins is very close to tears....and this is not coming from the head....but the heart. (2) And why he is almost crying in his because the kids played their hearts out...played beyond their skill levels....and he is so happy because he is happy for the State.

And I for one am buying this. Many Division One coaches would be crying because they know their resume just got expanded and they are worth more money.

Huggins isn't looking to move. He loves West Virginia and he is inspiring these young men to play beyond their given capabilities. His ability to provide a much bigger mission is paying off and is a great example of leadership we can all learn from.

OK...he's got the X's and O's down...he is a great recruiter....he knows how to build individual skills and conditioning....yeah...and so do about 50 other D1 coaches. But he is leading these young men on a slightly higher this one for the people of West Virginia....he means it and I feel it.

Great season...great coach...great leader.

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Blogger Dave Pray said...

Thanks for the re-post Skip. Coach Huggins is the real McCoy. His season is a winner,,,but...OK...let's win the first game by 10 or so and never let them go up...maybe by 2 and that;s it!

Seriously...great season...Huggs,,,want the football team??

10:15 PM


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