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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Position This - Burger Wars

Is this scientific? No. Was it pretty cool? Yes.

We were talking about positioning in a class I teach on a local university this week. I asked those in the room to tell me where they would go and eat if they could: Wendy's, Burger King or McDonalds.

A funny thing happened:
McDonalds - 1 vote
Burger King - 6 votes
Wendy's - 12 votes

I grouped them based on their votes and asked the to come up with the reason that they would go to that fast food restaurant.

More neat stuff:
McDonalds - taste
Burger King - chicken, choice
Wendy's - taste, open late

Then I asked them to tell me what each business told them was their unique selling proposition. Whamo! This was the coolest part of the exercise.

"Old fashioned. Good taste"

Burger King
"Have it my way."

" " - crickets. No noise. They couldn't remember.

Look below. I waslooking at a room full of foolks who weren't "Lovin' It."

I guess we'll see.


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