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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Gateway to Nowhereville

Where is Gateway Computers?

No, not the company's headquarters.

I mean where did Gateway Computers go? Why did it disappear?

I haven't seen a Gateway ad on TV or in print for several months. For that matter, I haven't seen one of those quirky yet lovable cow-spotted computer shipping cartons in quite a long time, either.

Hmmmm. Puzzling.

Maybe the company is going down the tubes. Maybe the Gateway folks are stockpiling marketing dollars in preparation for a big holiday blitz in a couple of months.

I'm curious. I will let you know what I discover about this.

(This blog posted via my home Dell desktop computer.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can tell you where they went...right to the retail market via the bigger retailers. They used to have a real market niche in the SMB market, where they catered to that type of customer and did very well. They not only use to sell the computers to a customer, but the whole solution from software to peripherals and installation services to businesses.

It is a shame that since they merged with eMachines, they really only have Exec's running the show that either came from eMachines (a low end consumer PC company) or from the TeleCom industry...both of which know nothing about the SMB space.

They are trying to go after the enterprise market with little success. It is no wonder you don't see anymore commercials as they really are not even supporting those left who are trying to hold on to thier business accounts.

Really it is a shame.

10:47 PM


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