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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Friday Memo

At Maple Creative we have begun sending a Friday Memo to all of our clients. It seems like such a basic thing to do, especially for those of us in a service industry. Yet, in my experience, I've found that very few firms send clients a Friday Memo.

What is a Friday Memo? It is a simple, one page memo that contains a summary of all that we have done for a client for the week just completed. It communicates progress and status information on projects that are in progress. It might also contain reminders to the client contact about decisions or approvals that we need from them. The memo lists a few, key things that are upcoming in the weeks ahead. Finally, if appropriate, the Friday Memo might contain one or two potential opportunities or insights for the client's consideration. It is nothing more than succinct information in bullet-point format.

We have found the Friday Memo to be a difference-maker for our firm. It takes very little time to do. It requires discipline to do it consistently. Best of all, clients absolutely love it. It's one less thing that they have to worry about--our project ... your project. When they receive and read the Friday Memo, clients are instantly informed and up to speed.


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