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Friday, August 06, 2004

Mr. Six is Scary

I read an article today that showed where Mr. Six (Six-Flags-Selling-Old-Marketing-Icon-Fellow) is selling t-shirts -and other paraphenalia like hotcakes (remember the Taco Bell Chiauaua? Yeah, didn't sell any tacos either.)

But, sales are down 4%.

Mr. Six is violating the age old rule of "execution overshadows product" defined by some "old school marketing folks" many years ago.

I'm more likely to go to Six Flags because the roller coasters rock, not because some "Freddy Kruger look alike" can do the running man.

Good lord, where's the beef! Oh, that was another attempt to get me to buy something for no reason.

My point: people still need to be presented with a reason to do something. A reason to decide to try a service. A reason to put my kids through a four hour drive to get to a place that can make me have a great, adrenaline filled experience, that justifies dropping $200!

If I saw that man, in the park, coming at me - I'd run like hell!

Show me the fun. Show me the clean bathrooms. Show me the cool rides. Show me the funnel cake. But for goodness sake, don't show me a guy that is going to give me nightmares just because he can attract some attention.


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