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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When in doubt?

When in doubt....add monkeys. Let's face it; the expression "funnier than a barrel full of monkeys" came from somewhere right? Monkeys are funny. When I saw this ad, I was pushing myself through a painful workout (I recently had a high speed dirt bike wreck and I was trying to do some home health PT). Therefore, I was in a real nasty mood. After seeing this ad, I laughed my ass off. This is funny stuff. It is even funnier if you know how complicated cycling computers can be. Some of them are more complex than organic chemistry.

All cyclists can identify spending significant time reading the product manual. Men don't like reading manuals. The monkey theme is almost an insult, but it's funny and true and the reader is not offended. I need a new computer for my mountain bike. I think I'll buy a Blackburn if there that easy to use.

See advertising does work.


Blogger hops said...

Soooo true Michael. I recently got into cycling and was thoroughly confused by my "simple" CatEye wireless computer. I don't mind reading product manuals but this one was one-sixth english and relied on pictures to guide the user through the set-up. Without a written explanation, I felt like Mr. Pickles' stupid brother trying to translate the pictures.

Even if the product is just as confusing as the others on the shelf, I would buy it simply because they are positioning it as a user-friendly platform. Perception becomes reality.

12:21 PM


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