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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wine for Dummies

How many of us like fine wine but often times can't remember what brands or types of wine we like? I'm definitely in this category. My dad is a wine snob and has more bottles in his wine cellar than an Italian politician. I've tasted most of them. I can't remember any of them. I don't have time or a major interest to read wine publications or to keep track of the latest brands or types. I need a reminder for the next time I'm at the market. I need to make a good decision based upon past history so I don't waste an evening with a lousy bottle of wine.

Last week, my wife comes home with a bottle of wine made by a company in Western Australia. The brand name is Four Emus. Check out this site, your die laughing. It’s a great site.

Anyways, we loved the wine. The wife pointed out on the bottle there is a neat little wax tear off you can use to help you remember to buy this brand the next time your shopping. It’s for the wine dummy, like me.

What a terrific idea! I won't forget these wines after I lose the little tear off nor will I forget this great marketing idea.



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